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          Jiangsu Ocean Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd.
          CN| EN
          Service & support
          Service & support
          Technical support

          The service concept is "technology, innovation and quality". We can select the appropriate cooling tower model for customers according to the required data provided by customers and the site survey. It can be configured in a complete set, so that the products can be quickly assembled and put into production immediately after arriving at the project site. Provide spare parts service, maintenance, technical support and various transformation schemes.

          Our services

          With a sincere attitude, professional technology, rigorous management and considerate service, we provide customers with satisfactory products, and carefully listen to every opinion of users, constantly improve and climb new heights.

          • Service support

            The on-site installation of industrial cooling tower supplies the cooling tower specially made according to the customer's specifications and special requirements, with built-in advanced thermal, civil, hydraulic, noise and other technologies.
          • After-sale service

            Provide maintenance or performance improvement services for the existing tower, and rebuild the old tower with new design and materials. We also provide on-site turnkey services.
          • Performance testing

            Verification, old tower diagnosis and performance test shall be conducted according to CTI standards.
          • Comprehensive engineering services

            A professional team integrating civil, thermal and hydraulic expertise provides solutions according to customer needs and applies professional technology to product and process solutions.

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