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          Jiangsu Ocean Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd.
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          News center


          Haiou was selected as the "single champion demonstration enterprise" in the national manufacturing industry 511

          Recently, Haiou Co., Ltd. was selected as the sixth ...


          Official delivery of No. 2 unit of gas turbine CRP Zhengzhou project 514

          The mechanical and electrical business department of...


          Haiou Shares: Its revenue increased by more than 80% in the first half of the year, and joined hands with Siemens to explore new gas turbine business 525

          Haiou Shares (603269) released its semi annual repor...


          Working Together to Overcome Difficulties -- A Report on the Epidemic Donation of Jiangsu Ocean Yangzhou Subsidiary 535

          At present, the COVID-19 prevention and control situ...


          Mr. Hans. Holmstr ? m, CEO of Industrial Gas Turbine of Siemens Energy, congratulated Haiou&Siemens on the successful acceptance of SGT-700 gas turbine project 548



          Celebrate the opening of Haiou Shares - Jiangsu Ocean Changzhou Factory 512

          On October 18, 2020, Jiangsu Seagull Cooling Tower C...


          Haiou Shares acquired 100% equity of Jiangsu Ocean Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd 504

          On June 19, 2020, the Company held the fourth meetin...


          Listing Notice of Jiangsu Seagull Cooling Tower Co., Ltd 520

          Jiangsu Seagull Cooling Tower Co., Ltd. announced th...

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