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          Analyze the benefits of changing the air inlet mode of a composite flow closed cooling tower

            603  2023/01/05

          Although different types of composite flow closed cooling towers have different air inlet methods, they all have some disadvantages. If these problems cannot be overcome, the effectiveness of the composite flow closed cooling tower is difficult to break. How do you do it?
          In the traditional design, this product enters the air from the lower or upper part of the tower. In this case, there are shortcomings such as small circulation area and large flow resistance, which not only affects the heat exchange performance, but also increases the use of materials. From the perspective of market conditions, this is very unfavorable.
          If you want to overcome the above drawbacks, you have to start to improve the air intake method of the composite flow closed cooling tower. You may try a new design, which is the form of air intake from the middle and upper and lower flow divisions. This will greatly increase the flow area and prevent the rise. Air volume and increasing cooling effect have obvious effects. At the same time, the new design can avoid the shortcomings of hot and humid air returning due to the upper air intake, thereby reducing production costs and increasing product competitiveness.
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